In this section, we'll share how the waiting list works for you.



1. Clients are registered in the LO for a certain model.
The priority rule is very important for us, so we always fix the date of the entry.

2. We form a list of interested persons for a certain model.

3. We check the availability of fabric, transfer the order to production.

4. The sewing time is usually one month.
But the waiting period varies, depending on the complexity of sewing the model and on your order in the LO.

It is important to understand that we are bringing in everyone who wants it. But USHATÁVA stands for exclusivity and limitedness, so one model cannot be widely replicated.
Therefore, do not be upset if you did not get it. We are always happy to come up with new masterpieces, which will later become an ideal alternative.


1. We form LO for a model, capsule, drop, collection.

We suggest that you immediately think about the completeness and sign up for all the necessary positions.
It will be especially convenient if you already know the required size and color.

2. When we receive delivery from production, first of all, we start processing the PO.
Our managers will send you an exclusive payment link, which is valid for one day.

3. We are ready to wait for your answer, call you again or write in various messengers,
but the period of the relevance of the dialogue on the proposed position in the LO is no more than a day from the moment the link was sent.
Next, we move on to the next lucky one in turn. Try, when registering in the LO, to leave a convenient communication channel for you.

4. It is important to understand that sometimes there may be many more applicants than the available fabrics. Do not be upset, we have a lot of interesting things ahead.

5. The positions remaining after processing LO can be purchased in the public domain on the website or in stores.