Clockwise clothing.​

CLO CLO stands for clockwise clothing – the concept of wardrobe made of things that look right and gorgeous on you no matter the situation – morning in the office, lunch with a friend, or late night date with someone you like. 


CLO CLO is about things you can wear around-the-clock – AM, PM, or anytime in between. It is about clothing that adjusts to your moments.

Right things to wear for AM, PM, and anytime in between.

Timeless is more. 

We’re convinced that less is more.
We think it is the only way forward.

Less consumerism, more sustainability.
Less single-use, more multi-purpose.
Less quantity, more quality.

We’re producing clothing of colors, quality & style that are timeless. We’re doing this to prove that even in a world that’s so crazy and fast you can still buy something not for a season or two, but for life.

Your wardrobe is going
             to change. 

Clothing that adjusts to your moments. 

Our brand is all about living life on your terms, gracefully balancing between work and life, pushing the boundaries for what is possible, proving the world you don’t have to be either or, you can be both and even more.

The world is too diverse to stick to something for life. You are too talented to only live one life, when you can live many lives all at once. Choosing not to choose and taking it all as the bravest decision you could ever make.

Your clothing partner in crime.
Your wearable feast.